Guest Weeks 3 and 4!

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I hope everyone had a great holiday! Here are two more for the guest weeks! Every year, I participate in the SmackJeeves Secret Santa, and this year I got a really cute one with Pyrena and her Papa, Martin!

I also got a really great commish from my friend bashko (warning NSFW) of Vera, and she looks pretty badass. You can check out more of his work on his tumblr, or his webcomic One Hit Knockout!

Guests Week!

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Hey guys! I’m busy working on the next chapter of the comic, and I should be getting back to the regular schedule hopefully by January. In the meantime, I’ve collected a bit of cute fanart from people at the cons, starting with this lovely piece I got at Another Anime Convention! You can check out more of her work on her tumblr!

Where is LN?

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Soooo it’s been while. The last few weeks i’ve been busy working on a few projects, namely some freelance work, and a pitch for NYCC. I SHOULD be back soon, hopefully by the end of the month. Until then, hang tight!

In the meantime, I’ll also be heading to Another Anime Con in Manchester, NH later in the month, and Rhode Island Comic Con for Halloween!

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There is now a store for the comic! Right now it’s physical versions of the first three chapters, but hopefully soon I’ll have some other cool swag up. The link is available in the menu up top.

I will also be heading to Boston Comic Con this coming weekend! I will post more information later in the week.


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Lost Nova is on Patreon! If you like the comic, please consider donating to keep it running. Any donation would help! You can go to the Patreon page by clicking the link up in the corner, or down here:

MoCCA Fest!

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Lost Nova will be at MoCCA Fest this coming weekend! I’ll be sitting with the lovely and talented Olivia Dinall, Mike Luckas and Steve Yurko at table D-21.

MoCCA Floor Plan 14There’s also a few new pieces in the gallery, including some fanart!
Hopefully when I come back from MoCCA Fest, I’ll be able to start on a few fun things, like, adding the Store, and maybe Patreon?


Hiatus and Cons

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Thanks very much to Mew Xaos for their guest strips. The comic is still on hiatus but it’ll be coming back hopefully by some time in November.

In the mean time I’ll working on chapter four, and I’ll be heading to a number of cons back to back to back to back, starting with New York Comic Con! I won’t have a table but I’ll be walking around with some friends. Weekend after I’ll be at Another Anime Con up in Manchester, NH and I will have a table there. I’ll add where I’ll be located as soon as I find out.

I’ll also be heading to my first furry convention the weekend before Halloween in the form of FurFright. It should be interesting and a good learning experience. First weekend of November I’m heading to another new con for me: Rhode Island Comic Con in Providence, RI.  After November I’ll be taking a break from the convention scene for a few months and I should be coming back in February or March, and hopefully with some new merch related to Lost Nova!